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Ambassador Chai Xi Congratulates Malaysian Muslims on Hari Raya Aidilfitri

On 19th August, Berita Harian, one of the most influential Malay newspapers in Malaysia, published Ambassador Chai Xi’s letter to all Malaysian Muslims. In his letter, Ambassador Chai extended sincere greetings to the Muslim friends on the occasion of the Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and made a brief introduction on Muslims in China and China-Malaysian relations. Following is the full text of Ambassador Chai’s letter:

Dear Muslim friends in Malaysia,

On this festival and auspicious occasion of the Hari Raya Aidilfitri, I would like to, on behalf of the Chinese government and people, by the channel of Berita Harian, extend our sincere greetings to all Muslim friends in Malaysia: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! And may you all have a more prosperous and joyful life after a month of fasting and introspection.

While you are celebrating this most important festival in your religion, there are more than 20 million Chinese people doing the same thing as well. As a country with various ethnic groups, multiple religions and diversified cultures, China is home to a large population of adherents of Islam. Muslims live everywhere in China, especially in the northwest provinces of Xinjiang, Gansu and Ningxia. Of China's 55 minority peoples, ten groups are predominantly Muslim.

Since Islam was introduced to China in 7th century A.D., it has left a rich heritage in China, and has made significant influence on our food, architecture, art and philosophy. There are also numerous Muslims who have written their names on the scroll of fame in Chinese history. The most famous one for Malaysian friends should be Zheng He, the great Chinese navigator in Ming Dynasty, who commanded voyages to Southeast Asia and stopped at Melaka for several times. Nowadays, Muslims are of an important part of the big family of the Chinese nation, and have made important contribution to the harmony, development and prosperity of the country.

China and Malaysia are good neighbors, with our friendship dating back to the ancient times and deeply rooted in the hearts of the two peoples. At present, I am proud to say that the China-Malaysia relationship is currently at its best period in history. We have established strategic cooperative relations. Our economic and trade ties are increasingly close. China is the largest trading partner of Malaysia. Last year, the bilateral trade volume broke through USD 90 billion, reaching a new historical high level. And most importantly, we have dynamic cultural and people-to-people exchanges, which consolidate the social basis of bilateral friendship. In recent years, people-to-people exchanges between the two countries exceeded 2 million every year, as frequent as to visit relatives.

I would also like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to Muslim friends in Malaysia for your continuous support for Malaysia-China friendship and cooperation. Please accept my sincere invitation for all of you to visit China, which will enhance our mutual understanding and deepen our friendship.

Once again, please accept my sincere congratulations and best wishes to you on this very special day.

Wish all Malaysian people good health and happy life!

Wish Malaysia harmony and prosperity!

Wish China-Malaysia relationship an even brighter future!

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