Ambassador Bai Tian Attending the Welcome Dinner by Malaysia-China Friendship Association
   On 8th January, Ambassador Bai Tian was invited to attend the welcome dinner hosted by Malaysia-China Friendship Association (PPMC) and another 11 sponsors.

    Ambassador Bai spoke highly of PPMC and other friendly associations as the major promoters of China-Malaysia people-to-people exchanges, and expressed his appreciation for their endeavors and contribution.

    Ambassador Bai said that China-Malaysia relationship has reached its all-time high. He has been deeply impressed by three 'heights' since he took office as the Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia. First, the height of importance attached by the Malaysian government to the bilateral relationship. Second, the height of support in friendly cooperation between China and Malaysia. Third, the height of expectation for the bilateral relations. The three 'heights' time and again remind him of the heavy yet lofty responsibilities. Currently, the Chinese people are striving for the Two Centenary Goals, while the Malaysian people are also devoted themselves to the TN2050. The development strategies of both sides are highly compatible and the blueprint for the future cooperation between two countries enjoys huge potential. He has been determined to spare no efforts to work with the Malaysian side to push the relationship in an even higher, faster and stronger way.

    The key to sound relations between states lies in the affinity between their people. The future of China-Malaysia relationship is in the hands of the people of the two countries. Ambassador Bai wishes the friendly associations and friends  could continue to play their vital roles in enhancing the understanding and friendship between two countries and two peoples.

    On behalf of PPMC, Dato' Amb. Majid expressed warm congratulations to Bai's assuming as new Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia. He said that Malaysia is an important country with cultural diversity and unique attractions. The two countries have attained high political mutual trust, substantive economic and trade connectivity as well as vibrant people-to-people exchanges. The successful conclusion of the 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China marks a new era for China. It also creates new opportunities for the development of Malaysia-China relations. It's believed that Ambassador Bai, with his rich experience in diplomatic career and in managing bilateral relations, would bring Malaysia-China relations to a new phase with the concerted efforts of the Malaysian side.

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