Chinese Ambassador Paid a Courtesy Call on New Deputy Secretary General of MFA

On April 1st, China’s Ambassador to Malaysia, H.E. Dr. Huang Huikang paid a courtesy call on Dato' Muhammad Shahrul Ikram Yaakob, the newly-appointed Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia, who is in charge of bilateral affairs. Ambassador Huang first expressed congratulations to Dato' Shahrul for his promotion. They fully exchanged views with each other on China-Malaysia relations and cooperation in all fields, and spoke highly of the rapid development and notable achievement made in the bilateral relations in recent years.

Dato' Shahrul said that Malaysia attached great importance to Malaysia-China relations and the federal government had set up a special committee to implement the consensus on bilateral cooperation reached by the leaders of the two countries. He is glad that the Malaysia-China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership has been developing steadily forward. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia would like to keep in close touch with Ambassador Huang and the Chinese Embassy in a bid to promote the bilateral relations to a new level.

Ambassador Huang said that China also highly values its relations with Malaysia. The good relationship between China and Malaysia has not come easily. China hopes that both sides will work together with joint efforts to increase political trust, enhance mutually-beneficial cooperation, intensify people-to-people exchange, and promote cooperation in national defense and security in order to eventually become trust-worthy friends and reliable partners and make greater contributions to the peace, stability and development of the region.

Referring to the recent speculations that some Chinese fishing boats conducted fishing operations in Malaysian waters, Ambassador Huang said, it has a long history that Chinese fishing boats conduct fishing in the southwestern fishing-ground of South China Sea. Since Admiral ZHENG He made his naval expeditions more than 600 years ago, Chinese fishermen have been doing seasonal fishing operations in relevant waters. It is concluded after verification that Chinese fishing boats did not enter Malaysian waters for fishing but rather be quite far away from the Qiongtai Jiao (Luconia Shoals) mentioned by the media. It is true that there are overlapping claims between China and Malaysia over certain islands and reefs in the South China Sea, which is a historical issue. He fully believed that China and Malaysia could deal with this issue properly in an amicable, peaceful and quiet way.

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